Is the Hoodoo 500 a RAAM Qualifier?

Yes. Solo* and tandem racers may qualify for RAAM at the Hoodoo 500.

Relay Team Racers do not have to qualify for RAAM.

Does the Hoodoo 500 count towards the Planet Ultra Grand Slam?

Riders completing the solo, tandem, or two-person team divisions will earn Grand Slam credit.

What qualifications are necessary to race the Voyager Division?
You must submit a written resume, via email or snail mail. At the minimum, we expect to see a brevet series of 200, 300 400 and 600k within the past two years. A recent 1200k would pretty much guarantee a spot.
Finishing a 500-mile race with support would be a useful experience. 24-hour races are good. Double century riding alone will probably not be enough.
The Hoodoo 500 is a super tough race through fairly remote areas. You absolutely must be willing to put a rack and bag on your bike, as well as carry a camelbak. You absolutely must be willing to carry everything you could possibly need to make it through a long, dark and cold night (and most likely the better part of the second night).
Your resume should include details about how you plan to get through the race - what you'll bring, you general strategy, etc. What we're looking for is a rider with significant experience in distance, self-supported riding, and who is willing and able to take very seriously the planning for this challenge.

What Does a Voyager Racer do if he/she Quits Racing?

As stated in the Official Rules, other than the drop bag service and water at the manned checkpoints, we provide no other support for Voyager racers. While a Voyager racer may get lucky and find a ride with a support crew or an official, he/she must not plan for that. Please note: No supported racer or race official is obligated or expected to provide transportation to a Voyager racer. This is but one of the reasons why potential Voyager racers must submit a resume evidencing their exceptional skills, training and good judgment, and willingness to be fully self-supporting.

If a Voyager racer needs/wants to quit, they should call Race HQ to obtain directions for the shortest way back to St. George from their current location. The only place on the route a car could be rented is Cedar City, over four hundred miles into the ride. Voyager racers must carry a credit card and expect to get a hotel room if needed to rest so that they may either ride back to St. George the following day, or arrange for other transportation. 

May a Voyager Racer pre-drive the course and leave drop bags for themselves?

Absolutely not. Such action would result in an automatic DQ. Pre-driving the course and leaving bags would violate the spirit and intentions of racing the Voyager Division. The whole point is to participate as a completely self-sufficient racer, fending for yourself along the way, carrying much of what you need, and really testing yourself against the elements, the road, and all the circumstances that arise during this long and challenging race. It's meant to be brevet-style, but even tougher, as the Time Stations do not provide meals or accommodations. This is another reason why a detailed resume is required for entry; and why we're very serious about who is invited to race and who is not.



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