*Similar to what was sent from Race Headquarters to participants in 2008 - and will likely be sent to you!


We trust that you’ve familiarized yourself with the Official Rules. While we hope that you’ve diligently studied the rules and prepared for this extreme challenge, based on the questions we receive from racers, we want to make sure that you understand the full extent of the Voyager division challenges. We certainly want each racer to be 100% prepared and be able to handle any contingency that may occur on the course.


We welcome any questions. We realize that what we thought was clearly explained in the Rules may not be as clear to the reader, and that the rules may not explicitly deal with every situation. Remember Rule A of the General Rules.


Drop bag service is included with your entry, and entitles you to leave one bag at four locations along the course: Kanab, Escalante, Loa and Panguitch. Unless you’re racing with a trailer, we honestly believe the drop bag service is crucial to your success; so please take advantage of this service. The drop bag service also includes the limited use of a hotel room in Escalante, Loa and Panguitch. While you may be able to get a brief nap at these locations if you’re not disturbed by the other racers' comings and goings, the rooms are NOT for an overnight stay if you drop out. If you’d like to shower, you need to bring your own towel and toiletries, as those provided by the hotel with the room are first come, first served.


Please note: Drop bags delivered to Kanab will not be returned; so please be sure to take everything with you from Kanab. Other drop bags will be returned to St. George after the race. They will NOT be forwarded to the next time station.


Some advice and words of caution:


Within a few weeks or so of the race, your preparations should be nearly complete and exhaustive. You should know the average high and low temperatures, as well as the record temperatures, for at least half a dozen places on the route. You should have tested your lights to make sure you will have sufficient light, aimed properly, to ride down steep hills, tired, without any ambient light. You should know your lights are securely fastened to your bicycle to stay in place for over five hundred miles. You should have ridden your bike many miles with all of your bike bags attached and fully loaded so you are sure they will stay put and your load is comfortably balanced for the long race. You should be confident that you have the tools, parts and know-how to repair common and not-so-common bike problems. You should know how far you may have to ride without restocking on food and water and be confident that you can go this distance, because you have done so repeatedly during your training. You should know the answer to questions about what you will do if you can’t continue at various places along the course.


As a Voyager Racer you are required to be completely self-sufficient, fending for yourself along the way, and carrying much of what you need for the duration of the race. The Voyager division is not intended to be, nor is it, simply racing without a crew. This is an extreme race and a test of far more than cycling ability. While perhaps not as difficult, the inspiration for the Voyager division are races such as the Iditarod and Trans Rockies. You’ll be testing yourself against the elements, the road, and all the circumstances that may arise during this long and challenging race. The Voyager Division is intended to be somewhat like an unsupported brevet, but even tougher. There is absolutely no support provided other than the drop bags and water at manned checkpoints. While there are many places along the route to obtain food, water and lodging if needs be, there are also long, difficult climbs and descents without any services and the potential for extreme weather.


While this sort list is not intended to be exclusive, you must be aware of and acknowledge the following:







For your convenience, the Voyager Division Rules are copied below. Again, please review ALL of the Official Rules before you arrive. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



A total of fifteen (15) entries will be accepted in the Voyager Division. The Hoodoo 500 Rules for solo racers apply to Voyagers, except for those related to support crews and vehicles, in addition to the following:


A. To gain entry to the Voyager Division, potential racers must submit a detailed resume (via email or snail mail) to the Race Directors which should include ride/race/life experience over the past three years evidencing the racer's ability to be self-sufficient in this 500+ mile event; explaining why the racer desires to compete without a crew; and briefly outlining their specific plans for successful completion of the Hoodoo 500.


B. Racers must be prepared to be completely self-sufficient. Absent an emergency situation, racers may not ask for or accept assistance from a solo or team racer crew. Penalties for violation of this rule: 1st offense - hour; 2nd offense - 1 hour; 3rd offense – DQ.


C. At each time station, or at the Finish Line, racers must report to a Race Official any acceptance of assistance from a solo racer or team racer. Failure to do so will result in an automatic DQ.

D. Racers must carry with them at all times the following items: Photo identification, jacket, leg coverings, cell phone (although there is no service in many areas), space blanket or bivvy sack.


E. Racers may use our drop bag service to deliver bags up the course to each of the four manned time stations: Kanab, Escalante, Loa and Panguitch. Racers must take all gear/food from bags delivered to Kanab, as bags will not be returned to Race HQ (anything left will be discarded). Bag size is limited to 10” x 20”.


F. In the spirit of this Division and to assure an even playing field, racers may not have any person out on the course for any reason.  Racers may not have any person meet them at Time Stations for any reason. Exception: If a racer has abandoned, they may have someone come out on the course to pick them up. –DQ