The Voyager Division may be raced by invitation only.
Invitations will be granted to the first 15 applicants who submit a written resume listing their cycling experience over the past 3-5 years. Resumes may be sent by email or snail mail.
Racers who successfully finish the Hoodoo 500 solo, but with support, will be invited.
Racers who successfully finish the 4-Day Hoodoo 500 Training Camp will be invited.
For all other applicants:
At the minimum, your resume must include a brevet series of 200, 300 400 and 600k within the past two years. A recent 1200k would pretty much guarantee a spot.
Finishing a 500-mile race (other than the Hoodoo 500), with support would be a useful experience. 24-hour races are good. Double century riding alone will not be enough.
The Hoodoo 500 is a super tough race through very remote areas. You absolutely must be willing to put a rack and bag on your bike, as well as carry a camelbak. You absolutely must be willing to carry everything you could possibly need to make it through a long, dark and cold night (and most likely the better part of the second night). Between the hours of 10pm and 8am, finding an open store to buy food will be pretty much impossible. You may, however, be able to find water at the many campgrounds along the course, or from a local garden house in someone's yard.
Your resume should include details about how you plan to get through the race - what you'll bring, you general strategy, etc. What we're looking for is a rider with significant experience in distance, self-supported riding, and who is willing and able to take very seriously the planning for this challenge.



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